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Jushandy is a unique concept. A focused and professionally run facilitation services company that has been specifically created for NRIs. Its genesis lies in the pressing need for a methodical approach to services back home in India. Low accountability, unpredictability and practically a no commitment situation has been turned around and crafted into an SLA run company. At Jushandy, we have an assortment of services which have been categorized in a user friendly manner. From the rather painstaking and risk-laden property buying and selling to the routine ones such as lawn maintenance and keeping a water treatment plant running 24×7 in your villa, Jushandy is an ideal partner. Professionals, we are well-trained and well-versed with the systems and responsive approach that demanding NRIs like you need. Our teams are agile and commitment -focused. Jushandy has processes akin to a large IT company. Once you outline your requirements an account management team headed by a Relationship Manager comes in and starts owning your account and initiatives. From the smallest problem to the larger detail, the Jushandy team ensures the right kind of partners and skilled professionals are brought on to the assignment. Diagnosing the need, matching the partners, reporting the progress and facilitating the execution is the responsibility of the Jushandy Relationship Manager and his/her team. The team and the manager are the continuing link for you, on your specific assignment.


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